The Draft Ordinance has been recommended to the Township Board by the Planning Commission. The Ordinance will now go to the County Planning Commission for its recommendation and comments.

Chikaming Township’s Zoning Ordinance governs the way our homes, businesses, farms, and land look and operate. The Township is in the process of updating the ordinance, and we want to hear from YOU.

Looking for something specific? Here are some sections we’ve had a lot of discussions about. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send an email to and our consultant will direct you to the appropriate section.

  • Accessory Buildings: Section 7.02

  • Animals: Section 7.07

  • Wetlands and Inland Waterways: Section 7.17

  • Small Residential Lots: Section 8.05

  • Signage: Article 12

  • Lake Michigan Waterfront: 5.01.C

  • Sawyer/Harbert/Lakeside/Union Pier Mixed Use Districts and Red Arrow Corridor: 5.01.H

  • Please note that this draft no longer includes regulations on vacation rentals or woodlands preservation requirements.

How Does the New Zoning Ordinance Address Major Issues?

Click here to find comparisons of the proposed Zoning Ordinance and the current Zoning Ordinance on a number of topics. Please note that the language in this memo is a paraphrase and summary of the Ordinance. It is not regulatory language. Please consult the Zoning Ordinances (both current and proposed) for actual language.

Have Ideas for Zoning in Chikaming?

Chikaming Township is nearing the end of the process of updating its Zoning Ordinance. As we move forward in the process, we want to hear from everyone about their experiences with the Township's Zoning. 

Please share any thoughts, ideas, or concerns that you wish to share by clicking here.