Changes since October 3rd Public Hearing

The Steering Committee has heard and considered the comments made at the October 3 public hearing, as well as on and in other written correspondence, and has made the following revisions to the draft Ordinance:

  • Property owners in the R-1-W district may erect a sign up to two feet tall and up to two square feet in area within the required 150 foot setback from Lake Michigan (Section 5.01.C.2.a.iii).

  • There is no limit on the number of pets permitted on a lot (Section 7.07.A).

  • The Zoning Administrator shall report any property determined to be in violation of the Humane Society’s Standards of Care to Berrien County Animals Control (Section 7.07.G)

  • “Non-Commercial Kennels” have been re-named “Rescue/Foster/Personal Kennels” to more clearly demonstrate the purpose of non-commercial kennels (Section 7.07.E)

  • Breeding Kennels are permitted by Special Use in AG, and prohibited in R-2, C, C-I, and all other districts (Section 3.01)

  • The maximum height of a fence is 8 feet (previously, it was 6 feet). (Section 11.02.A.1)

  • Single Family Homes and Detached Unit Resorts are permitted uses in C-H. (Section 3.01)

  • Planned Unit Developments in residential districts must have a minimum size of five acres. (Section 15.02.A).

  • Outdoor dining areas may have music playing (Section 6.19.A.3)

  • The Township is not exempt from the prohibition on electronic message signs (Section 12.04.B.23)